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Father’s Day

June 19, 2015

In honor of Father’s Day, we’ll be sharing profiles of Newport Beach dads and their kin throughout the week, who share their cherished family traditions, words of wisdom and mutual admiration.

Charles “Ed” Lowe, 64
A treasured tradition: “Since Veronica was a baby, we would put her in a Radio Flyer wagon and pull her through the Pomona Antique Auto Swap meet. Although she doesn’t quite fit in the wagon anymore, we still hit them up whenever we can!”

Fatherhood has taught you: “True love.”

Most sage advice for your daughters: “Always be the smart and cautious one. Growing up in Newport Beach, there wasn’t too much trouble to get into, but I still reminded her to not follow anyone or to be someone she’s not. I told her, ‘Stay true to who you are and always use your head.’”

If you could go back in time and do something differently: “There are many things in my past I wish I could change but that’s not how the world works. I’m just glad I’ve learned and been able to grow through the mistakes I’ve made, and hopefully taught my kids the same value and way to live their life. No regrets, just lessons.”

Something you’ve taught through example: “Our Golden Rule in the house was to always treat others the way you’d want to be treated—be kind, always kill ’em with kindness and give give give.”

This Father’s Day: “We celebrate each other everyday so there’s no need to make only one day special—but this year, Veronica, her sister Emma and her husband Ben and I will be at the Long Beach Flea market bright and early. Then we’ll have a barbecue at the house where I’ll be handing over the keys to our families ’49 Chevy truck to my new son in law.”

Veronica Lowe, 35
Your dad’s best advice: “To ‘keep a good head on your shoulders.’ It seems like such a simple mantra, but has so many meanings. I’d like to think that is what kept me out of trouble as a kid and a young adult. That, and to always treat people the way I’d like to be treated. That’s still my Golden Rule, and I wonder if everyone did that if we might live in a much different world than we do today.”

A tradition you’d like to carry on with your own children: “As a kid we would go on a lot of road trips and camp for most of my birthdays—it’s a tradition I’ve kept up with friends and will definitely continue with my kids one day.”

Your dad’s most admirable trait: “I’ve always felt like I could tell my dad anything and he wouldn’t judge me. He’s been my closest friend and biggest supporter. He’s a really good guy with a huge heart, and despite not always being the perfect ‘example’ of a father, he’s been the best I could ever asked for.”

Favorite father-daughter activity: “We both love to cook and although we tend to fight the most in the kitchen (‘father knows best!’), it’s where we bond and laugh and spend the most quality time together.”

You’re thankful for inheriting his: “Creative side. He’s an amazing artist and wood worker and I grew up appreciating art and craftsmanship because of him.”

The key to a father-daughter friendship: “Communication is the key to any healthy relationship—establish a warm, loving way to talk to your kids or parents, be open and honest with each other and most importantly, show love.”

Written by Visit Newport Beach

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